12 Steps Illustrated

A Visual Aid to the 12 Steps Of Recovery from Alcoholism.



Laughter • Humor • Love • Art 



12 Steps Illustrated is the story of one man’s journey through the 12 Steps to recovery.


I am one man trying to leave a mark – not a stain.

I try to live by the golden rule: Don’t be a shithead

The views here are my own. I am inspired by those in and out of recovery. I share what moves me, what makes me think and what I find humorous.


I will not please everyone, and I am OK with that. If you don’t like something you see here it was not meant for you. Feel free to continue trudging the road to happy destiny elsewhere.


Hello, I am an alcoholic.

I began my recovery journey like most.

A victim of circumstances. Everyone was out to get me.

It certainly wasn’t my idea to quit drinking and start attending AA meetings.


The gift that my loved ones gave me was my problems.

What I mean is they gave me the consequences of my alcoholism.



They quit enabling me to continue.


Faced with all of the consequences of my actions and given the decision to quit drinking or let someone else raise my kids. I attended my first meeting. I have not had a drink since.


As I began again. I learned from the folks that lived happy sober lives. They had years of sobriety and they were happy. They showed me that life can be lived not endured.

The purpose of this website is to give the hopeless a little hope.
To give the sad a little something to laugh about.
To remember that we all deserve to be happy.


I continue to attend meetings, I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend meetings in a few states.


I look forward to visiting many more. In every state, in nearly every town there is a place that I am invited to go. And in all those places there I have friends that I just haven’t met yet. I look forward to meeting you. My hope now is that my art may help someone in their recovery as much as it has helped me by creating it.


My artwork has reached thousands of people around the world, and one of my goals is to visit all the places that my art has been


If you know of any conventions please let me know. I would love to attend if I can. email: contact@12stepsillustrated.com


Thanks in advance for all your support.

-12 Steps Illustrated