In 2010 I began my recovery journey. I attended my first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous on a cold Sunday morning in February, at 7AM. I chose that meeting because I didn’t think anyone would be there. I am glad I was wrong. The meeting was packed and I remember trying to hide in the back, but the folks in the room spotted me immediately. I was like a beacon of fresh pain. I don’t remember much of what was said, but I remember how they made me feel. They said this is the worst you ever have to feel, and I believed them, so I went back.

After a few months attending meetings I was discussing with some friends how I have a harder time reading, and grasping the concepts of the steps. I have a tendency to over think and complicate things.

“The simplest form of communication is an image”

Step 1
Illustration of Step 1

The simplest form of communication is an image, so being an artist, I thought it would be therapeutic for me to try and illustrate each of the steps in a single image. What better way to simplify the ideas and concepts of recovery than with images.

After I completed the sketch of Step 1, I shared it with my sponsor. He was impressed, and that gave me the courage to continue. I completed all the steps in rapid succession and proceeded to share them. I have published calendars with the steps and I am happy to still be able to share my recovery with a now world wide audience.

I have since branched out and created a comic that I publish online for a growing list of subscribers. I plan to continue to share my recovery and sometimes irreverent humor because it was that humor and honesty that the people in recovery shared with me that gave me hope. We don’t all come from the same backgrounds. I was never really a fan of reading myself, so comics and images have always appealed more to me. That is my contribution to the AA program. It’s my way of giving back what has been given to me.

I know that what I do will not please everyone. It’s not everyone’s drink of choice, and that’s ok. If I can make someone smile in spite of the despair they may be feeling, then I will continue.

“No one needs a laugh more than the desperate and forgotten.”

I continue to share things that pop into my head and of course the AA slogans, perhaps with a twist and a salted rim. 🙂 I share because no one needs a laugh more than the desperate and forgotten. I attend meetings regularly and would love to attend your meetings online and hopefully in person someday. I certainly hope to meet more of you as I trudge the road to Happy Destiny.

aa meme trudge the road

Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas or suggestions, or just want to chat.

Your friend in recovery,

You can contribute.
If you would like to contribute to the comics please send me a brief column 200-300 words about a step or a funny or inspirational story. I would love to hear from you. Send your stories and inquiries to 12StepsIllustrated@gmail.com